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Cracked by Alice Shapiro



Life Descending Ascending by Alice Shapiro
–David Axelrod, Poet  Laureate, Suffolk, L.I.
“Rugged adventure with an ever-present tang of danger...” –Thomas Fortenberry
Partial proceeds from book sales will benefit S.H.A.R.E. House, a charity serving domestic abuse survivors.
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Audio poems:
“Usury” with music by Mark          Whitefield       Listen now Coffee House to Go
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A one-act verse tragedy
Winner of the Bill C. Davis Drama Award


Alice Shapiro is currently serving as Poet Laureate of Douglasville, Georgia. She is author of three poetry collections and received nominations for a Pushcart Prize twice and Georgia Author of the Year in 2010. Shapiro won the Bill C. Davis Drama Award for a one-act verse tragedy and was a Poetry Out Loud judge for 3 years. Full profile on the Media page.






Alice Shapiro

Photo: John Barker/Douglasville Patch

“Literature in English excels in every kind of writing. Its particular glory is its poetry. For historical reasons, the English language acquired a vocabulary that is unusually rich and nuanced, combining words of Germanic root (such as see and glimpse) with words of Latin root (such as perceive and envision). This variety in our vocabulary has allowed our poets a tremendous range of sounds and meanings and made poetry in English one of humanity’s great achievements.” –The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

The poem “Worst Wars” from Saltian was chosen for the Poetic License Theatre Festival in NYC 2013. The dance/ performance conceived and directed by Natalia Duong was co-sponsored by Project Agent Orange.
The Feast of St. Catherine” from Saltian is nominated for a Pushcart Prize by unbound Content Press.
Saltian has also been nominated for Georgia Author of the Year.

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Video Poems:
“Remembrance”  (The 9/11 reading)
Fractured Atlas
15 Min. of Poetry
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