Steps to Choosing a Great Estate Agent in London

An estate agent can be the difference between an awful experience and a great one. Whether you’ve lived in London all your life or you’ve just moved there in an attempt to find work or begin a course of study, you need to find accommodation somewhere. If you’ve got a property that you want to sell or rent out, it’s a lot easier to find an estate agent through which to do it. Here are six steps to choosing a great estate agent when you’re in London.

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest price

Whether you’re trying to find a property or you’re selling or renting out one of your own, don’t be tempted by small numbers. There’s usually a reason why some estate agents charge lower fees, and it’s likely to be because they need a way to bring in more business.

  1. Get recommendations

Even if you don’t personally know somebody who can recommend a good estate agent, you can have a browse through the internet and see what you can find. If you type in the names of popular agencies in London, you will soon start to see comments and reviews left about them. If people have something to complain about or they’ve had a great experience, the internet is normally the first place they visit to post their thoughts!

  1. Look in the specific area

If you’re trying to rent a property in King’s Cross, for example, look for an estate agent in King’s Cross who knows the area well. If you go with an agent who works across a wider area, they are less likely to have specific knowledge about your chosen area.

  1. Ask about their fees

Just because there are few or no fees doesn’t make them the best choice. You should ask about fees and make a note of which ones would apply to you. A good estate agent will always be open and honest about the fees which they charge to sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords.

  1. Ask questions

If an estate agent is valuing your property, ask them why they’re valuing it at the amount they have given. If you’re renting a property, ask why the price is lower or higher than average. Don’t be afraid to ask all your queries, since a good agent will be happy to answer.

  1. Pay attention to their attitude and professionalism

If the estate agent seems to be rushing you when you’re asking questions or sharing concerns, this could be a taste of what it will be like working with them in the future. You should be on the look-out for an agent who is polite, punctual, professional, caring and helpful.