Common Plumbing Issues in Older Houses

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There are plumbing issues in almost any house, old or new. But sometimes the older the house is, the bigger the problem can get. In addition to this, there are also problems that seem to be common to old houses. Most of the time understanding what these possible issues could be will give you a chance to know when to call the technicians when there is a problem and not wait till the problem becomes something that will break your bank to get fixed. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that can be seen in old homes.

Galvanized Pipelines

Galvanized pipelines are probably one of the most common issues in older homes and will account for the trouble at least half of each year. It may appear that the water in your home is discoloured and there could be corrosion in the pipelines that will cause the pressure to reduce making it hard for you to get anything done at all. Most of the time, when your water becomes discoloured, you might need to call a plumber pakenham without delay as it could prove to be injurious to your health. Galvanizing a pipe means that a coating of zinc is added on the iron to stop any corrosion. The zinc will do its job for a while but it will not be there forever. When the zinc begins to erode, the iron will now start to rust and the warning sign is that the water begins to get discoloured because of it. The pipelines in this case should be replaced by modern alternatives like Copper.

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Pipes with Bellies

When a house rises and falls in the soil around it, the pipes that come into your home will also begin to rise and fall with it. If by any chance they happen to bow or even buckle they will form something called a pipe belly which is a low area that defies the rules of gravity’s pull on the waste matter inside it. You will start to notice that you have very poor drainage when this issue happens. It will start with toilets that flush slowly and will finally result in sewer lines that are clogged. Another very similar issue is also known as pipe channelling where the hard water in some locations can carve its own path at the bottom of the pipelines which will end up making them really weak.

Polybutylene Pipelines

This was thought of as a really great pipeline option during the late 70s and the early 90s and was used rather extensively in homes of that time. It was very affordable and was really easy to install as well. However because it breaks down when it is exposed to water and with dissolved solids in the water it is not considered as acceptable anymore. With time if your home has polybutylene pipelines you will begin to see more and more issues. So get everything fixed as soon as possible, to stop things worsening.