Tips to Make Your Restaurant Attractive By Using Proper Lighting

Lighting and space are mutually exclusive features that restaurants and food services need to do perfectly. People are drawn to the ambiance and good food. Combine this with wonderful interior design and proper lightings, it will surely pique potential customers and can even drive them in droves.

A Feast for the Senses

Good food. Good ambiance. These are the two elements that customers look for when it comes to restaurants. You need to make these qualities priorities in designing the space to leave customers impressed enough to keep them coming back.

Poor lighting or inappropriate ones may leave destroy the experience being offered in your restaurant. From intimate set-ups to feeling relaxed, the layouts, fixtures, and lighting should all be working in harmony to create the ambiance you intended to go for.

Lightings and Fixtures

Colour, use of space, surface finishes, and atmosphere should convey the kind of feeling you’d want your customers to feel when they set foot. Is it going to be intimate dinner for two? Is it a warm ambiance where you can have good food and time with your family and kids? Is it a good place to get deals done for businesses during dinner or over coffee? These are the factors to consider when you’re planning for the layers of lighting and fixture you’re going to get.

Different Space, Different Lights

While illumination is one of the key factors to attract customers to your restaurant, you should position your lights in different places set for different moods. If your restaurant doesn’t make use of natural light during the day, it might be best to use different lights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The use of your space for varying purposes may also have an impact on how your client will react to these lighting settings. The lights for a function room will require a different lighting compared to that over an intimate dinner with their spouse.

Picking the Right Lighting Equipment

Fixtures and other lighting equipment such as wiring and plug bases are all essential items your interior designer should include. High-quality equipment may come at a price but they will last longer compare to cheaper alternatives. High-end restaurants are particular with lightings and fixtures to bring positive customer experience. Comfort is everything when it comes to fine dining.

You can make use of direct lighting where food is displayed such as the salad bars. You can turn a ‘boring’ space with a touch of glow using indirect lighting. These are the types of light you may want to use for intimate dinners.

Hiring an Interior Designer

It could be that you’re just starting out and prefer to do things on your own. While this is a cheaper alternative, it may not be the best way to start especially if you’re targeting to give your customer the best dining experience. Listen to what customers are talking about and take note. Trends are constantly changing so you need to break monotony every once in a while to incorporate fresh ideas that serve both your existing and incoming clients.