Steps to Clean a Hotel Room

When maintaining a hotel, it is important that you keep the guestrooms clean and comfortable. However, there are instances that you might need to clean a room after a party or after visitors who are simply unorganized or turn the room inside out. To make sure you get to each nook and corner of the room when cleaning, follow the following cleaning tips.

Change the Bed

Always start with the bed. Strip the old sheets, including all the blankets and the pillowcases. Check the mattress for any stains or hairs. Once you remove these, and then add the new sheets to the bed. Your hotel should have plenty of additional bedding to be used in the rooms every time someone checks out. You can purchase bedding from any hotel item supplier in your area or simply look for hotel bedding online to purchase new bedding. You will often need new sheets since the stains and tears sometimes make it impossible to reuse them even after cleaning.


Dust every piece of furniture, including the underside of the chairs, lampshades, windowsills, and even artwork on the wall. Once this is done, then clean all the hard surfaces. Use separate cleaning clothes for each room to avoid cross-contamination. Sanitize areas or places of high contact. This includes sanitizing the remote control, light switches, door handles, and telephones. Make sure every surface is thoroughly wiped and cleaned before you leave the room.


Give special attention to the bathroom. Remove any strands of hair that is lying around. This is a common way how bathroom gets unclean and can cause the waterways to get blocked. Clean and sanitize the toilet seat and all the handles inside the bathroom as well. Replace all the toiletries such as the shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap and shower gel. Change the shower curtains and the towels. Never let the next guests use the same toiletries used by the previous guests. Not only will this be extremely unhealthy for the guests but it will also reflect badly on your hotel.

Remove the Rubbish

Remove all the rubbish from the room as the next step. Takeout the old sheets and blankets, toothbrushes, half used soaps and shower gels. Cleanout the waste bins and any other pieces of trash that are lying around in the room and in the bathroom. Check all the drawers as well. Check the floor or the carpet for any stains as well. After cleaning the carpets/ floor, then set off to vacuum the floor. Vacuuming will help you to keep the room away from the dust. Specially carpeted floors can be kept free of dust when it is vacuumed.

Once you have done all the above steps, leave the room in a neutral odour and a balanced temperature. Keep the atmosphere of the room cosy and homely in order to create a pleasant appearance. This will help the guests to formulate a good impression on the services they are about to get.