What to Do When the Office HVAC System Breaks Down

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Commercial air conditioning systems are not invulnerable. These units are designed to last long, but they will occasionally undergo breakdowns. For offices, this can cause serious inconveniences. Here is what to do if the commercial HVAC system in the office breaks down:

Don’t Panic

First of all, don’t panic. Some managers or those in charge may overreact if the HVAC system breaks down. Some businesses think the system may require replacing, leading to panicked scenarios. It’s not the end of the world. In most cases, HVAC systems in offices break down due to overwork. The issue is minor in most cases. It could be a big problem too, but perfectly solvable. Therefore, without causing distress by jumping into premature conclusions, start the process to have the problem fixed.

Call in a Professional Repair Service

If the HVAC system has stopped working, do call in professional repair service like Stuartek, which has multiple outlets and offers highly rated services across Australia. It’s very important to hire a company that specifically repairs HVAC systems. Air conditioning units, especially commercial ones, are complex systems that require qualified personnel to repair. Therefore, call in a professional service that offers HVAC repairs specifically to ensure that the problem is properly fixed.

Don’t Try to Repair It Yourself

This is an amateur mistake office personnel should avoid. Understandably, everyone would want the system up and running again as quickly as possible, especially if it’s summer. But do not try to open the front of the HVAC unit, thump it, or do other things to get it to work. If you don’t know how these systems work, then you could be making the problem worse. Therefore, don’t let anyone in the office be a hero and immediately call a professional repair service. The HVAC specialists will be able to diagnose the problem correctly instead of grabbing at anything in the dark.

Have System Information Ready for the HVAC Repair Company

When the professional repair people show up, they would need information on the system. If possible, find out information like the unit model number, age of the unit, and service history as soon as possible. Give the information to the HVAC repair company over the phone so they can send the best people who are familiar with the model your office is using. In some cases, they can even bring in some parts cutting down the total time for repairing the unit.

Check the Air Filter

Checking the air filter of an HVAC system doesn’t need specialised qualifications. Just look at it and see if it’s clogged and in need of a good cleaning. Check the unit’s owner’s manual to see how to safely remove a clean the air filter. Do this if the air filter is dirty and see of the system turn back on again. You won’t even have to call a repair company in this case.

Similarly, in some scenarios, HVAC systems shut down if the thermostat is changed. It sometimes happens by mistake. Resetting the thermostat setting back to normal or default may turn the system back on. You might want to watch out for preventable mistakes like this before calling in an expensive repair service.

Follow the above advice to dot to have the office HVAC system repaired properly and running again in no time.