Benefits of using an app to find your next job

Technical advancements in the world is start growing. Now a days you can do many things through an app. You can do shipping, you can put reservations, can book tickets and now you even can find jobs. Now a day’s people barely look into a newspaper to find a job. 

With time job seeker Platform Singapore, have changed drastically. Online portals for jobs were first introduced to the suitable candidates to forward their resumes. This method saved the employer’s time because they did not have to through the ordeal of filtering candidates. Now every individual has a mobile job seeking app downloaded in their smartphones. The app shows a vast number of jobs in different companies and different fields. Some job opportunities are full time, and some are part time. So the employees can search for the job that fits them. 

There are many advantages of using an online job seeking app.


You all might have searched for a job at least once in your life. You all know how hard it is to find a suitable job for you according to your qualifications. One of main advantage of online job hunting is convenience. You can access thousands of available jobs from your home. And most of these apps have features asking what geographical area you need, which type of company you need so that you simply have to enter what you need and the app itself will find you the perfect job. Sometimes if you have applied for a long-distant job, employer might even arrange an online interview for you. 

And another part it that all this apps have given a detailed job description. You can read it and see if you really need this job. You have the ability to compare one job with another before applying. This way you can find the most suitable job for you.

Saving Money

Online job seeking will help you to save your money. It reduces the cost of printing cover letters, resumes, postage fee and petrol fee. You have the ability to apply to your job through the app itself. In other cases you simply have to email your resume to the given email address. 

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Smart notifications

When you enter your qualifications, personal details and preferable job opportunities on the app, they will send you a notification as soon as they find a match for your application. They also inform you whether you are recruited or not. This way you don’t have to worry about waiting for a reply from your employer.