BAS and Tax Payments: What Are Your Options?

If you are looking for a quick overview on the latest and accepted means of lodging your BAS and dealing with business taxation matters, here’s what you need at glance.

Lodge Online

It is no surprise that every business person gets the luxury to experience impressive online facilities that help them lodge their BAS easily and conveniently. Nevertheless, it is very important that you look for and choose the right channel to do so. Check out the link to find a secure and trusted service for lodging your BAS online:

Apart from it all, it is essential that you are aware of the terms and the regulations offered by the specific online facility. This is because not all services and facilities offer the same process and regulations where lodging your BAS is concerned. This, make sure that the first thing you do is read and pay attention to all the details before you could choose to proceed with the option. Missing out on the smallest piece if information could still cost you a lot of trouble afterwards.

Online Options

There are usually two key ways of having your BAS lodged online. As mentioned above, you may choose to use an online service agent that is linked to the ATO. Each of these services have unique features that can sometimes benefit some businesses quite significantly.

Your second option is to use the ATO website which is fully secure, and you would require your AUSKey and ID’s to proceed with your lodgement.

Lodge by Mail

Mail lodging has been a widely used facility for a very long time, even presently. A lot of businesses still prefer this particular method for so many reasons. If you choose to mail your BAS, you will need to use the pre-addressed envelope that was provided to you, and have the completed form carefully inserted and packaged into it and have it mailed. There is support available in case you have misplaced your pre-addressed envelope or you did not receive your paper BAS. Make sure you contact the relevant support services in case you face any issue or trouble with the mailing process of your BAS.


The type of statement, and when and how you would receive them would depend on the type of lodging method you opt for. Wither way, you would be notified and informed about your statements once you have completed the process. In some cases, you may receive your statements sooner than the standard duration, while sometimes, it could even take slightly longer than expected. As mentioned, it will all depend on the type of service you opt for.

The Bottom Line

Whatever method you opt for where your BAS is concerned, the key to having it successfully lodged and done over with is having an eye for details and carrying out your personal responsibility with regard to all your crucial business and financial matters. As an entrepreneur, you need to stay up to date on how certain processes are carried out. In depth insight on crucial matters is something every business person needs to have. Secondly, you need to have things organized and prepared so that you have them completed successfully. Thus, being responsible, prepared, and organized are key characteristics that help you deal with legal and financial aspects.